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Thanksgiving is the start of the Holiday season. At least for us. Kicking off the last push before the end of the year.

This day we decorate the Christmas tree together, cook together, bake pies together.

Whatever trigger happened, she was already in a bad mood in the morning. Remained like that through the first half of the day. Even missed our pie baking.

There was some screaming, some shouting upstairs. Her and The Boss. I don’t know the reason why or how. By the time I got upstairs the situation got out of hand already.

Only to all of a sudden see her coming downstairs in the middle of the afternoon and joining us in the final hour of the dinner preparation. Like nothing happened.

Then we all had dinner together.

At dinner, we were chatting, joking. Passing the mashed potatos, brussels srouts and the cranberry sauce around the table.

I felt thankful for this hour. An hour of no screaming, no yelling. It felt kind of normal for a little while…