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So many parallels between Nature and our lives. This is one example…

I am at higher elevation, close to tree line. Often harsher conditions. There are these constant forces around me and they just keep pounding and pounding. They change how far ahead I can see. They make my going harder. They force me to bundle up. They force me being very protective of my core. They make me being very careful not to expose much. To be safe, so I won’t get hurt.

I had plenty of hurt through the years. All the painful numbness in fingers and toes. When I thought I cannot go one more step after pushing forward through waist deep snow drifts that drained my energy. Burning muscles. Or when I was grasping for air because it felt like the wind sucked the air away from me. I always made it through.

By now, I know how to prepare for the conditions and I always do my best to over prepare. Keeping it safe. Many layers, don’t expose much.

Then I am out again. Familiar ground. Out of nowhere the wind starts blowing. No panic, I am prepared. I have plenty of margin here. Protective layers after layers. I could even tough out a night if needed.

Then in a sudden move, that wind somehow blows my gloves away. Opens my jacket, turns my pockets inside out. It runs through all my clothing. It has a way breaking through all layers, finding ways to run back and forth in the sleeves. But it does it in a very gentle way.

I realize one more thing: this wind is something different. It brings warm air. Unexpected this time of the year, but it brings warm air. How unbelievable is that? So instead of panic, instead of trying to button up as fast as I can, I don’t. I close my eyes. Let the warm air in. It feels nice. Very nice. At this point I realize that I’ve let my guards completely down.

I haven’t done it in a while. Allowing myself to be vulnerable is a luxury. Not sure if I can afford such a luxury. I wish I would have a crystal ball now to see how long this will last. Few more seconds? Minutes? Hours? Maybe this is how the entire season will be like? I don’t know. I make an executive decision: I will simply let things happen this time. If the weather turns bad, remember that I came over prepared. I can layer up, button up, put on the mittens very quickly. I have plenty of experience with that.

However this time, I feel comfortable with the uncomfortable.

And I want to see how the rest of this run will be.