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Zero Balance

3 minute read

And just like that, we are clear. Zero balances from all hospital bills and our name cleared at the collections agency. More accurately: “just like that”. It...

So Hard To Make A Payment

3 minute read

I’ve never thought it will be this hard to make a payment and close an account. Yet here we are in December of 2021 and apparently making a payment is way to...

This Is Not Helping

2 minute read

I believe there is such a thing as overcommunicating. In many cases it is not very harmful. Here are a few exampels: you might just hear the same thing multi...

Giving Thanks

less than 1 minute read

Thanksgiving is the start of the Holiday season. At least for us. Kicking off the last push before the end of the year.


8 minute read

I intend to use this write up to close this chapter. But I have to get this out there as how ignorant that jerk CEO was is blowing my mind. And he has the ti...

There’s Nothing Like Morning Screaming

1 minute read

She woke up. Calmly asked to borrow my softball. I use that to loosen my muscles from time to time. She wanted to use it because her calves were bothering he...

I’m Pretty Tired

less than 1 minute read

“I’m pretty tired. Think I’ll go home now.” said Forrest Gump. I feel the same. I feel pretty tired. Except I have nowhere to go.

OOPS! Sorry!

1 minute read

So letters meant to be invoices for the hospitalization started rolling in. Oh, the wonders of the modern medicine in the United States!

Hot Potato

1 minute read

Have you ever played the game Hot Potato? (here is a short description)

Showing Up

1 minute read

Years ago I heard someone saying in a meeting: Nobody shows up at work to suck.

The New Normal

1 minute read

Since the hospitalization, our life has changed.