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The Boss and I talked about the divorce again.

The Boss said she will kill herself. I let that comment leave the room. Though it rendered any plan of constructive conversations meaningless. Unfortunately this brought back tons of memories. Not good ones. But killing herself was a first…

Usually whenever an argument didn’t go her way, she would just throw in the “then I am leaving” bomb.

I was still weak back then. So whenever she threatened leaving, I went into a “trying to convince her not to do that” mode. Brilliant from her. That threat takes the whole argument into a new direction. Actually the argument disappears. We are all of a sudden talking about a very different thing. And I am trying to convince her not to leave. Then after a while, she agrees. She stays. Phew!

What happened with the original argument? Gone. Never existed. She is still perfect. Still never lost an argument. I can’t believe how weak I was at the time! Pathetic me!

So this time, new threat. Killing herself. Hmmmm… It would save this much on the divorce processing fees… Actually I really don’t wish her harm. But I also wish, she would save the empty threats. Pointless. Actually I take it back. It helped The Boss to a long winning streak. Which ended years ago on a day right before the Holidays, when she again threatened to divorce me. But instead of me start begging, I think her biggest surprise, I calmly said that I agree and that I think divorce is the best for both of us.

Since I broke her winning streak, a lot has happened. Even more still to happen. But finally we are on a path to conclude things. How bumpy that path will be is still to be seen. But finally we are pulling again in the same direction. Though this will be the last time we will pull in the same boat.