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Finally we had the call and were told that we can come and pick her up.

We were so excited! On the phone the social worker told all the right things.

She is ready to go back to school. She learned coping mechanisms. She has a safety plan. We reviewed it together. She answered all the questions with the right answers.

That sounds good! Actually, too good!

If there is one thing I’ve learned in business and in life: if something sounds too good to be true, it is most likely not true at all.

The short car ride home was already showing some signs. Feet moving endlessly. A couple stronger words dropped unnecessarily in an innocent conversation.

When we got home, she stormed into the house.

We knew she has been through a lot. A lot. We didn’t know exactly what, but we were sure a lot has happened.

Probably a spring wound up to very close to breaking point is what would describe her the best.

High on something? Whatever medicine(s) she was given, they were wreaking havoc. She had no appetite. She was tense. Talked fast and sounded aggressive. Dropped F-bombs frequently. Every few minutes, she would have those twitches in her neck. I had to google for the word twitches. Imagine uncontrollably start shaking your hand while tilting it closer to your shoulder.

What happened to her? How could they not see these symptoms? How could they say she was ready going back to school?

She didn’t look ready. She didn’t look ready for anything. But at least she was back home.