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The posts you are seeing here are more just random thoughts from a parent’s perspective. Various moments that I captured from our experience dealing with certain mental health related challenges.

I think living through those experiences is tough on anyone.

Tough for the person who struggles and hoping help will come.

And I can tell you from first hand experience that it is tough on the parents for many reasons.

It is never easy to see anyone struggle, let alone your own child.

Did we completely fail as parents?

What did we do that caused our child so much struggle?

And if there is anything we did, how can we avoid doing that again?

And besides that, given the current situation: how can we best help and support recovery?

And actually we are struggling as well knowing how to best get through these tough times.

So these posts are our story. In bits and pieces. Which is exactly how I feel I am right now. In bits and pieces.