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Years ago I heard someone saying in a meeting:

Nobody shows up at work to suck.

I really liked that quote. It stuck with me. I find this to be true in most cases. Or maybe I am just lucky with the people in my circle.

But what if you come across people who don’t care if they suck? They don’t show up to suck, but they just simply don’t care if they do.

Or what if the system that the people are part of sucks? So eventually most who is part of it will end up doing just that despite of their best effort?

The mental health care system feels just exactly like that. Especially when it comes to psychiatric help for adolescents.

On paper and on the surface, there is a great system in place.

Insurance companies help patients to be covered at the pre-negotiated, reasonable cost. These companies have a list of providers within their network. Feel free to pick whoever you feel comfortable. And to be sure there are hotlines and support specialists at your disposal.

But here is the reality:

In general, you start with the list of places that accept a specific insurance.

There are less number of places, which are nearby and not a long drive away.

The list gets shorter if you want a place that anyone you remotely know can recommend or at least heard about.

There are event less places, which accept new patients.

And if they do, most of them would not accept adolescents.

That leaves you with the option of picking whatever with whoever at wherever.

Does that sound like patients are set up for success?