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I actually quite enjoy riding rollercoasters. Through the years we had our fair share of riding some.

However when it comes to describing how things are going, I wish I could use another word.


Unfortunately that sums it up pretty well. What could I say?

Not sure if the “crazy meds” (whatever she was given at the hospital) were leaving her body causing the mood swings. Maybe these mood swings would have happened anyways. Maybe they are a symptom of PTSD from that hospital experience? Maybe.

Right now the cause is secondary. Unfortunately the ride is going already at full speed and we are on it. Whether we like it or not, we are strapped in.

We could keep worrying about who got the tickets for us. Who let us or worse: made us board the ride. Or why would they even strap us in so tight. Those are actually all great questions, for which I hope eventually we will all know the answers.

But for right now the question is: how we deal with the current situation? How do we make it to the end of the ride? And even more importantly: how do we get off the ride?