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Here is the thing: seeing your child locked up in a prison cell looking room in the ER for almost a day is hard. Watching your child carried away by an ambulance from the ER to a mental health facility is harder.

Not able to visit your child in the mental health facility is very hard. Our only lifeline was the daily phone calls.

And as much as we waited for it, after each call felt helplessly defeated.

Her voice was different. We heard from her voice that she was on something. The medication they put her on, doing things to her. Her personality changed as much as we could tell over the phone. And we could tell.

Blamed on Covid, we weren’t allowed to go visit her. Even in the ER they let family in. Complete non-sense. Or maybe it was for the better. And Covid gave the convenient excuse to the facility to keep her focused on recovery.

I don’t know. But that fact that we couldn’t even talk to the staff in person, see her arrangements, just didn’t sound right.