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So letters meant to be invoices for the hospitalization started rolling in. Oh, the wonders of the modern medicine in the United States!

I should have another post about how messed up the billing is. So for this post, I’ll stick to that part, where we opened a dispute based on quality of care and the duration of the hospitalization.

It went through an internal review on the hospital side. For sure they concluded there were no side effects when they released her. Hard to believe as all of us who love and care for her and everyone at her school saw the side effects. But the review also concluded that the last day of the hospitalization wasn’t warranted. She should have been released one day earlier.

Sorry! Here is some deduction from the invoice! Which is still in that joke kind of format they keep sending. They want to be taken seriously, yet they are invoicing like a cheap motel. But that part will be for a another cheerful post.

If this would have been summer camp, I’d be OK with that. If this would have been an extra day on a vacation that we should not have stayed, no problem. But this was an extra day at a mental hospital. Let me repeat: an extra day at a mental hospital. I am pretty many of you would appreciate the bonus day there, wouldn’t you?

From the hospital’s point of view: review done, moving on.

From our point of view: living with the PTSD from that hospitalization with a bonus day worth of memories that we shouldn’t have… OOPS! Sorry!