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I guess we were still on that rollercoaster ride. Strapped in. Front seats.

And we were going full speed at the bottom. Meaning, she had a low moment. Hit that low point really hard.

“Fuck you!!!!!!!”, “You suck!!!!!!” Those phrases were flying all over the place. On average, probably at least every third word from her mouth had at least the following four letters: F, U, C, K.

There is only so much “Fuck you!” one can take. More specifically me.

I heard how much I suck so many times when I was younger. My dad used to remind me of that fairly frequently. Pretty much every day. For years. And loud enough that all neighbors could hear it, just so nobody had any doubts of my abilities…

Since then, I am “a bit more sensitive” for this kind of language.

Yet, decades later, my own child is screaming loudly how much I suck as a parent.

Well, maybe dad just wanted me to be ready for this moment. Maybe he just wanted me to hear this enough, so when the moment comes, when my own child will scream the same thing at me, I’ll be ready.

Thanks, dad!

Once she calmed down, I had to get out of the house.

I went for a run. The sunset was gorgeous.

Sunset: Mother Nature’s promise that a new day is coming soon. New day, new start.

I liked that.